Create a Match Day app for the Cardiff Blues at Cardiff Arms Park.

What we did

Bespoke design and development, branding, deployment, supporting infrastructure.


Close Comm project brief was to create a Cardiff Blues Match Day App to be made available through Apple and Google Play Stores. The App was to be used to enhance the match day experience but also be used outside of the match day.

It should also host a number of different functions that enable the Cardiff Blues Fans to interact on a number of levels. The objective was to show what percentage of the fans interact and use the Match Day App and give an insight into the demographics.

The software we designed for this project was to help with the future of tech enabled, in-stadia experience. The unique software features were to have two separate but interconnected features, the Guest Experience and the Venue Experience.

The Guest Experience

The guest experience is enhanced with the ability of adaptive, con- text-aware technology, which offers spectators all they need at a live event, at the exact moment they need it.

Live Queue

Provides up to date live information on Parking availability, Food & Beverage dwell times, Restroom queues and Merchandise availability, all of which improves the user’s live experience.

Fans Gallery

Fans can share their event experience with friends and the public in real time by posting pictures. They can then view these in the app, on social media or on the stadium screen.


Spectators are able to quickly and efficiently locate their friends and family at the venue, including a chat feature in the app.

These are just a few of key features which also include:

  • Ticket purchasing
  • Live score updates
  • Fixtures
  • Fans Man of the Match voting
  • Line-up
  • Corporate Hospitality and many more.

The Venue Experience

The Venue Experience is brought together with a command control interface that allows the venue access to real time analytics to Live Parking, Queue dwell Times at concessions and amenities, People Finding, App Usage analytics, Food, Drink & Merchandise Sales as well as Fan Engagement.

VenueNow not only provides a software solution for the Venue but also provides the Hardware solution for the engagement process. VenueNow provides a Multi Channel Hardware device that allows the App to be pushed to the users upon joining the Wireless Network before access to the Internet is given. This is the feature that makes VenueNow completely unique.

The user simply connects to Wi-Fi, the app is pushed automatically onto the phone and the user then has access to all the features of the app.

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