Create an app maker for SME’s.

What we did

Bespoke design and development, branding, deployment, supporting infrastructure.


The multi functional App uses Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth and NFC to ensure customer engagement and has been bought to market specifically for the small to medium business.

  • Capture your Customers Information & Data points
  • Gives Analytics’ / Profiles who your Customers are
  • Get feedback/ Rate your Services (With optional Beacon Technology)
  • Run Loyalty and Reward Schemes ¥ Grow your Social Media Audience and Foot Print
  • Promote offers on multiple platforms- Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, NFC and Digital Screens
  • Live table booking (Live Web based system) with changeable table layout
  • Take Payments (EPOS)
  • Communicate Directly with customers Promoting Offers or up coming events

Insite is a highly sophisticated all-encompassing engagement tool.

It has been specifically developed and brought to the market to enhance customer communications whilst giving you a level of visibility and understanding of both your customers and your business that has not been available before.

Capture Data, Customer Analytics

Gain valuable INSITE into who your customers are. When logging into use your Wi-Fi the user either inputs basic information or log’s in via social media – this captures the users information.

This information is then turned into usable and exportable data which you can analysis, dissect thus aiding you to make informed decisions. This may be especially valuable when considering business promotions, special events or when considering your stock levels across different ranges of products. You will be able to see when your customers last came in/ how often.

As a business you can send messages to individuals in a way that most benefits your business i.e. Customers that haven’t returned in the last 30 days or Target an age group with a specific product offering. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.


Customer feedback can be one of most powerful tools a business can have. Imagine getting customer feedback immediately after providing your services. This could allow to you see potential issues prior to them affecting your reputation or driving away customers.

Imagine being able to run incentives for staff for ‘Best customer review of the day, week or month’. With INSITE feedback you have the unique ability through Beacon technology to send a message to your App when the customer has left the vicinity of your business premises asking for a ‘Star Rating’ and optional written feedback.

In itself this is a useful tool however imagine being able to share good reviews on your social media platforms and then having the facility to contact the occasional not so happy customer directly all via the INSITE platform.

Loyalty Schemes/ Rewards

It’s really simple! – You think of the reward then load it into an easy to understand platform and off you go! Using either a computer or tablet you simply touch a screen a screen or push a button and the scheme will update the member. The member is recognized through the INSITE App using NFC technologies (or it can be manually updated without the member even needing to being present).


With multiple technologies pushing out adverts through Splash Screens, Digital TV’s, RSS feeds, Tick tack feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Emails and SMS messaging you may need to ask if you need to spend money advertising anywhere else?

Table Booking

Aimed at Cafés, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Children Soft Play Centre’s and the Food and Leisure industry INSITE customers can benefit from a live open booking system which allows you to set out your tables/ covers against your floor plan and allocate time slots. The booking system allows customers to reserve table and time slots in real time – obviously you will still approve each booking.

Location Finder

Insite is suitable for single location or Multi Location Businesses. Share your contact details and scroll down to reveal Google Maps link that will bring your customers to your door.

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